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Safe, fast and cost-effective web and email connections

As businesses rely more and more on email and the internet, the risk of something going wrong becomes greater. Security, viruses, SPAM, hackers and new regulations have made the process even more complex.

Just think - What would happen to your business if email was to go down for even a week?

Our Solution: Whether you have 2 or 200 employees, SyberTech has the experience you need to provide your business with a secure, stable and efficient email and web set-up. We include virus protection, security, backups and ongoing support as part of our package.

In this world of ever changing staff and employees it has become ever more important to keep your emails safe and secure.

Our Solution: We provide you with Email Management Services where we manage your Email Accounts as per your requirements

  • We remember and keep your Passwords safe & secure.
  • We change email passwords on a Regular Basis to prevent Hacking and Un-Authorized Access.
  • We provide support for configuring your email clients as well.
  • Creation, Modification and Deletion of Emails is now just a call / SMS away.


Parth Modi
Date: Jul 05, 2010

Best wishes to sybertech infosystems. Competitive rates and best in class service are their stren...

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