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What would happen to your business if your IT systems went down - Permanently?

Just imagine losing all your irreplaceable emails, spreadsheets, proposals, templates, invoicing databases, customer details and historical records - forever!

Common events such as fires, theft, power surges, viruses, corrupted files or equipment breakage can all cause data to permanently disappear in an instant. If you don't have a reliable backup plan in place, your business is always vulnerable.

SyberTech InfoSystems can help you devise a plan of action. We can offer you Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) and Business Continuity Services (BCS) that are the front line tools that will keep your business going 24/7. We will work with your company to analyze its business processes, identifying data and applications that need to be protected.

In the case of server shut-down or malfunction, we will analyze your server components, and storage devices, and troubleshoot by replacing the failed parts where necessary. Additional tasks include trouble shooting operating systems and software installation, and applying security upgrades.

If you want continued peace of mind we can provide ongoing server maintenance services:

1. Monthly Server Safeguard - An onsite performance check & software update

Every month we come to your office and perform the following:

  • Security update - refresh virus definitions, update operating system service packs and install the latest security patches
  • Intruder detection - check firewall logs and investigate any suspicious activity
  • Virus elimination - scan server disks for viruses (including macro viruses)
  • Server storage maximization - monitor disk space, check compression ratios and clear temporary files
  • Backup confirmation - check and clear backup logs and perform a trial restore to verify backup integrity
  • Error checking - check and clear system event or error logs, investigate errors
  • Monthly reporting - each month we alert you to any significant activity or actions performed and any recommended preventative measures

2. Weekly Backup Check - A remote monitoring service to protect valuable data

Every week we come to your office and perform the following:

  • Check backup logs - this verifies the successful daily backup of all your data
  • Weekly reporting - we alert you each week to any issues needing attention

3. Online BackUps – We offer online backups of Upto 1 GB for each and every system that is under our Plan.



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